Sam Maponya

Security Analyst & Developer


I have 2 year's experience of working in the cooperate environment as a IT Support Intern. In terms of qualifications, I have a Diploma in Software Development, and Flow in the .Net Framework. I am particularly good in Mobile and Desktop Development and use Xamarin and C# respectively for them. I also have established a internet Cafe from the age of 12, which is currently one of the biggest, and it has been operating for more than 10 year in the township of Mokopane. My Love for Digital Solutions has developed from that time and I have made sure I support it by hard work and obtaining qualifications

After that when the system was implemented through programmers again I evaluated the system based on the requirements. Few changes were required which I implemented and sent it back to the programmers.

After the revision, it came out perfectly according to the requirement which initiated the deployment process. It’s now under the deployment process. After that maintenance work will follow and feedback mechanism established. It was a great experience for me. Business analysts bridge the gap between IT and the business. They facilitate digital transformation in an organisation by extracting technical requirements from the needs of stakeholders and translating technical questions and complexities into language business stakeholders can understand so they can make decisions to move projects forward.